Summary of our Core Commercial Principles

With 15 years of board level management experience in successful multinational and publicly listed organisations, the Managing Director of Sixe (aka Six Elements) has developed an efficient, transparent and accountable system that - very importantly - dictates our culture.

In addition, both founding Directors of Sixe developed the business based on a culture driven by interaction - rather than strict procedure. This allows the working environment to be re-active where required in an industry that is often driven by visual and emotional messages.

We use proven procedures for accountability purposes, but not to function. Our marketing, branding and creative results are generated by ‘free minds’ and interaction, reflecting the fact that we are outcome driven - not process driven.

Clients come to Sixe for branding because they know we approach each brief with individuality and creativity. And it’s this holistic approach that sets us apart, that will ultimately set them apart from their competitors.

The Essence of the Sixe Brand Experience


When you engage Sixe you are engaging a passionate team of professionals to work with you on the journey to reach your desired goals. We will get to know your business and look for the things that will make a difference - and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Our team has landed here from all corners of the globe, picking up unique experiences and a different way of looking at the world along the way. That means our clients have access to a wealth of talent, and a set of skills most commonly only found in major metro centres, right here on the Sunshine Coast.


We measure our success, by your success. So finding the best solution is critical. You may know your business and where you want to go - but ‘knowing’ and ‘getting there’ are two different things. We listen, we ask questions, we weigh up all the options and then tailor the right approach to best achieve your desired results.

Our belief is “you attract what you reflect”. We have attracted an amazingly talented team and a strong body of clients across a diverse range of markets in many areas, and we reflect passion for what we do and integrity in the way we operate.

Sixe Principles

Our principles are broken down into the following three categories:

1. The Team

In July 2011, we formed a stable team of very talented and committed individuals with various skill sets representing one or more of our six key offerings. It is this team that gives us the ability to compete, not only in the metro markets of major capital cities, but also to exclusively represent some prestigious international brands in Australia.

Each of our team members are employed full time, which makes us unique in that we don't engage a rotating roster of contractors. The total support of both Directors, and importantly, a mutual respect for the skills and attributes of our teammates helps to build our team culture and guarantee an extremely high quality of service and product offerings, along with consistent deliverability. These strong moral values, in-turn, translate to strong internal relations and create opportunities for regular communications and integration of skills and attributes within our working environment. 

With this in mind, and based on our management model, our studio layout is open plan, allowing for everyone present to be involved with all discussions at any time. It enables all team members to have knowledge of other projects that may be going on around them and provides for easy access to all resources at all times.

Proudly, a comment on our culture is often the second compliment we receive from our clients, following on from the quality of our outputs and of our service.

To support this pool of talent, we provide state of the art equipment. With the exception of our digital development team, each member operates using Apple products, supported by Adobe Creative Suite, which allows us to maximise our creativity. Our digital team uses the more technical Linux platforms.

We offer unlimited training opportunities to each team member, as we recognise that it is our responsibility to assure that our team’s knowledge is in line with international standards, and we are strong advocates for self-development.

2. Our Clients

As previously stated, we are an ‘outcome driven’ and ‘client focused’ business. We therefore have a unique structure where our established clients freely engage with any or all of our team members at any given time depending on which area of expertise they require. The stability of our team means that we are confident that our clients can greatly benefit from this direct contact. Our project management system is totally transparent, it's not complicated, but it is highly efficient.

3. Our Suppliers

  • We research and cross-reference any suppliers we engage, and we transfer our ingrained culture of respect and team attitude onto those suppliers at all times.
  • We manage our external suppliers tightly and ensure that our specifications and instructions to these parties are accurate.
  • We are continually conscious that when we allocate the services of a particular supplier to a client project, any adverse action or inaction could lead to the compromise of a client’s own image.
  • We only work with suppliers that have a proven track record. We have a ratings system based on strengths, reliability and demonstrated deliverability. Accordingly, we are very conscious of allocating any external services based on the client’s priority.
  • Ultimately, we aim to use as many local suppliers as possible, however as Six Elements’ quality expectations are high, in some cases we may be required to utilise a supplier from Brisbane from time to time.
  • Six Elements make it our priority to always meet creditor trading terms - we always pay our bills on time.
  • We consistently suggest that clients feel free to contact any of our suppliers listed as part of their projects to assure that Six Elements is representing their integrity appropriately.