Sixe has bundled a series of fundamental, straight forward, yet effective service combinations that we have aptly labeled the ‘Six-Pack’.

This offering is ideal for small to medium enterprises as the activities and outputs within the 'Six-Pack' service are structured to be fully integrated and to deliver measurable returns.  It has been specifically developed for use in conjunction with a new brand launch, re-branding or a complete brand rescue scenario.

At Sixe, we don't apply the term of ‘branding’ lightly.  True branding doesn't mean the design of a quick logo along with branded promotional material.  It's goes so much deeper, and should be about identifying and reflecting the true identity of an organisation, its culture and its unique attributes and offerings.

We have drawn on our experience with multi-national organisations, where typically, 6 key elements need to be in place before a brand is ready for the implementation of a marketing communication plan which includes advertising.

Depending on the nature of business we are working with, we tailor the 'Six-Pack' for either B2C (consumer driven businesses), or B2B (business to business) activities.

Contact us for more information about how the Sixe 'Six-Pack' can benefit your business.

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