Prior to the beginning of 2017/18 season we developed an overarching marketing campaign which was broken, executionally, into three stages:

1.    Pre-Game        Messaging     »    Be There
2.    During Game    Messaging     »    Where are you?
3.    After Game        Messaging     »    Where were you?

In each season there are many milestone moments that stand tall in the memory, whether they are the goals scored, saves made or players forging their careers. So all three stages use FOMO - or fear of missing out - as a driving factor to raise awareness, increase game visitation and fan engagement.

For Stage 1, this proposition is simply put: If you don’t want to miss the critical events of the season - you need to "BE THERE".

“Be there. Every Kick, Every  Goal, Every Game.” or “Be there. Every Minute of the Action, Every Part of History.”

For Stage 3, when we are communicating post-game, we highlight a particular piece of action (a goal, a save or a player reaching a career milestone). These critical events are best experienced at the ground and with your friends, loved ones and mates as part of a common or shared experience. We want to use these moments to trigger the question: "WHERE WERE YOU?"

These concepts are used for mainstream advertising - billboards & press ads - and include upcoming game details, to drive visitation, but without them becoming the focus.

EDM headers and Social Media would also use the WHERE WERE YOU? concept as a recap on what happened on Game Day.


Before developing the above marketing theme, Sixe worked on a Membership Campaign to help drive member sign-ups using, what we colloquially called, the “Flaming Fire Lion” as the central graphic. This campaign used Social Media and EDM marketing to spread the message and direct people to a standalone website that was styled to match the theme. Ultimately, Member Merchandise was produced which also carried the theme including everything from Member Cards to Bumper Stickers.

For each home game Sixe compile and design the Match Day Programme, which we named The Mane Event. This 20 to 24 page publication features reports from BRFC coaches, interviews with players and team details.

Apart from supplying custom files for third-party sites like Ticketek, Sixe also have designed websites for BRFC corporate websites and fan groups. Regular EDM communication with BRFC databases means that the fans are kept informed of developments and offers throughout the season.