To produce a new corporate image for Council that would compliment, consolidate and provide future direction for Council’s corporate identity and build on the existing momentum of the new Corporate Strategy and Plan. 

What we did:
The team (previously known as EMS Creative) conducted and interpreted brand research findings to identify key brand messages and worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to create a corporate identity, develop a comprehensive brand identity guidelines, launch plan, and deliver an implementation strategy. A design process that involved a number of creative explorations to produce a wide scope and depth of design and image options with creative rationale that was then focus group tested with nominated key stakeholders (internal and external) for insight, impression and synergies. Provision of professional creative concept and design principles and expertise across all brand touchpoints. An internal and external launch plan was produced to maximise the positive transition and embrace the energetic potential and engagement with its intended audiences and public. Ongoing brand concultancy, marketing communications, design and trademark protection strategies is provided to this key client.