Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to arranging an event, everyone tries to have a cost-effective yet flawless event night, from staffing and catering to the location, and venue, everything matters but one thing that can make or break your event night is the lighting effect.

    A great lighting effect can make the event night overwhelmingly impressive, not only does lighting helps you to draw the attention of your guests to certain parts of the room but also highlights the beauty of the décor and venue. Moreover, perfect lighting can sweep your clients off their feet by exceeding their expectations.

    However, event lighting is a lot more complex than it sounds; you will need to consider the positioning, and solidity of the lights. For instance, if the lights are too bright your event may seem cumbersome, and in case of low lighting effect it’ll look blemished, such disparity creates befuddlement among the guests.


     To make an aesthetic blend of a perfect décor and lighting, you’ll have to consider the following lighting tips:

    1. Enlighten with Uplighting:

     Uplighting effects are a great way to leave your guests in a lingering tenderness.  The angelic effect of uplights can brighten up the entire room and provides a breathtaking view of the décor; they provide an illusion of wider space and higher ceilings by creating the columns of light on your walls. The idea of uplighting perfecting fits with the events such as Art gallery, conference room, and an empty ballroom.

    • Choose bright, Choose LED:  

    LED lights are a dynamic and relatively inexpensive way to create a peaceful atmosphere and ambiance. LED lights are more efficient, last longer, and consume less electricity as compared to other lightings. It means that you’ll be able to get the same ambient light effect at affordable rates. Connect yourself with Advatek lighting that offers high-quality custom LED’s. Moreover, using the fusion of bright colors such as red, green, blue will get you the desired color reflexively.

    • Vibrant colors can do wonders:

     If you want to leave your guests in astonishment, then bright colors can lead the way very well. Using colorful lights on the walls and ceilings is another effective way to transform a bland room into an aesthetically impressive one, using a singular color on the wall and an additional color in contrast with the previous one on the ceiling will add a bonus. 

    • Gobos are trendy:

    Gobos are highly flexible and work perfectly in almost every event; from galas to weddings they tend to make your lighting effect snazzy. Gobos can be used on large scale to give the entire room a unique aesthetic look or can be used on a small scale by highlighting several features on the wall. They work fantastically as a company’s logo at an official event or representing a particular design at an art gallery.

    • Steal the Spotlight:

     If other lighting effects aren’t feasible for you, choose a particular area of the room that you want to highlight to draw the guest’s attention. Not only does it highlight the décor, table settings, and centerpieces but it also helps the beautiful corners to stand out even in darkness. Spotlights make your event night a more dramatic visual experience.