How Online Shopping in Australia Hits Record Sales

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Record Sales

Last year we have seen the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, we are still going through this difficult situation. Our regular lifestyle has changed since the government announced lockdown. We faced a financial crisis globally.

However, some businesses also witnessed record-breaking sales, thanks to the digital world. As we noted above, the profit of the eCommerce world was spectacular last year. This is why online shopping in Australia has made history during the post-lockdown period. In fact, some promising websites like Payday Deals made a good profit during that time. The reason? It’s a site that allow people to save a lot of money, with best quality guaranteed.

To know how these online shopping portals have made such huge sales, you have to read this article carefully. We will also cover what are the best eCommerce portals in Australia. Let’s find out.

The Covid-19 Impact on Online Shopping

The growth of the eCommerce world was more than 80 percent than the previous year. It happened only after two months of the Covid-19 pandemic declaration. The growth peaked at the highest selling record during November. According to some reliable sources, around 5.5 million orders were made online in November 2020.

South Australia and Victoria had more than 64 percent e-commerce growth than 2019. The best thing is, there were so many new customers. Around 41% of customers were new to this, with 5.5 million household’s orders. According to Australia Post, November was the busiest month due to the Christmas shopping.

The organization also revealed that they weren’t sure if the parcels would be delivered on time. eBay, a leading e-commerce site in Australia had revealed that the company’s growth was 71 percent. Various items such as mobile phones, video game consoles, and gifts were eBay’s best selling before Christmas.

Best Online Sites in Australia

The impact was huge and it has changed the dimension of the e-commerce business. Most marketers are planning new strategies to continue with it. If you are ready to start your online shopping journey, read about some leading eCommerce portals in Australia.

1. Amazon

Just like other countries, Amazon is quite popular in Australia. The huge range of products attracts thousands of people to use Amazon. Moreover, people can get free delivery on eligible products with Amazon Prime Membership. Some of the best-selling categories of this e-commerce website are technology, electronics, and fashion products.

2. eBay

As we have noted before, eBay is one of the leading e-commerce portals in Australia. The best thing about this site is, buyers can get both new and used products. The huge collection of products is an addition. In fact, you can get free delivery on most items with eBay Plus membership.

3. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is one of the most promising e-commerce portals in Australia. This site is designed for travelers and adventure freaks. There are over 2000 activities available on this site. If you are ready to experience some of them, check their offers. Moreover, you can buy a gift voucher to give your loved ones.

4. Target

Just like eBay and Amazon, Target is a department e-commerce store. With the large range of products, this site is becoming one of the reliable and promising sites in Australia. Some best-selling Target product categories are electronics, homewares, and fashion. Same-day collection and after payment are available on this site. However, Target only provides free delivery on orders over $45.

5. Catch

The catch is quite popular as a leading discount e-commerce site in Australia. You can compare various products with daily deals. Catch provides free delivery on eligible products with Club Catch membership. Moreover, Afterpay is available on this site. Home essentials and electronics are popular categories of Catch.

6. Payday Deals

Another promising Australian online shopping site is Payday Deals. This site is dedicated to lifestyle and home products. They are also popular for providing high-quality customer service. Some of the best-selling products are appliances, furniture and electronics. Payday Deals also provides coupon and vouchers on your first purchase.

Factors to Consider to Shop Online in Australia

We can assure you that online shopping will increase day by day in Australia. There are many benefits of online shopping. But, if you are a beginner, you need to consider some factors before visiting an e-commerce site.

The Seller’s Reputation

No matter which platform you are choosing, you need to check the seller’s reputation first. Most eCommerce websites are partnered with third-party sellers. Besides checking the reviews of the product, make sure you are checking who’s the seller and their reviews. You can avoid online fraud by considering this factor.

Stay Safe While Shopping

Just like traditional shopping, you have to be careful while shopping from an eCommerce platform. Cybercrimes are increasing every year. So, make sure the site is a secure “https://” before putting your credit card details. On the other hand, you can use PayPal for secure shopping. Putting a strong password is also essential.

Hidden Fees

Online shopping can be crucial sometimes. You will face some unexpected hidden fees. Some e-commerce portals charge hidden fees including drip pricing, credit card surcharges, international transaction fees, and delivery fees. Well, the delivery fee is common for most websites. However, leading portals like eBay and Amazon provide free delivery with subscriptions.

Avoid Identity Theft

As we mentioned above, there will be several scammers on the internet. If you find a website suspicious, make sure you are checking its review on Google. Identity theft activities have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, you have to avoid fraudulent emails and SMS.

Product Warranty

Checking on the product warranty is a common considering factor for offline shopping. So, you need to check it for online shopping as well. Most reputed companies are providing item warranty for one to three years. This is why buying a product from a reliable seller and site is essential.

Customer Support

Customer support is another useful thing to consider when buying from an e-commerce website. An ideal website will always co-operate with customers for various activities including product ordering, tracking, delivery, and post-delivery services. Make sure if the website is clear about return and replacement policies. On the other hand, ensuring the seller’s customer support is also essential.

By reading this article, you can understand how the Australian e-commerce market is growing. The Covid-19 pandemic played a key role to grow e-commerce businesses. With e-commerce market giants and promising newbies, we can assure you that this industry has a bright future in the next few years.

How big is the e-commerce market in Australia?

Australia ranks eleventh eCommerce market in the world. Just like other countries, the e-commerce field is growing in this country after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to some reliable sources, the revenue will reach 32 million by 2024.

How fast is e-commerce growing in Australia?

The eCommerce market is growing rapidly in this country. Around 41 per cent of new customers have joined several online shopping portals. It is estimated that this industry’s revenue will increase to $39 million in the next few years.

What were Australians buying online in 2020?

Australia had purchased several items such as electronics, clothes, household goods, health and beauty products. Groceries were done online due to the quarantine and lockdown for some families.  November was the busiest month for e-commerce websites.

How much do Australians spend online shopping?

According to Inside Retail, Australians had spent over $45 billion on online shopping.