How To Find The Right Ski Goggle: Lenses, Sizes & Fit guide

    There are several sports that need some common accessories in order to increase your performance. One such accessory is goggles. They are most needed for sports that include ice or water. When it comes to sports such as skiing or snowboarding, you can’t survive till the end if you do not have proper sports accessories.

    Apart from performance, it’s also essential to protect your eyes from the cold wind, water or ice. So, if you are thinking of going on a shopping spree for the goggles, then make sure you know everything about them. If you are a beginner at this, then refer to the brief guide ahead that will give you information from their sizes to a perfect fit for you.

    Ski Goggles: Lenses, Sizes & Fit Guide

    The size and the type of lens that you will choose for your goggles can make a big difference. You must know everything from the lens type to its feature in order to get what you want. In the upcoming section, you will gain insight into different aspects related to the types of the lense, their size and features.

    Types Of Goggle Lenses

    Currently, there are only two types of lenses when it comes to sunglasses or goggles. You will have to choose anyone from the Cylindrical Lens or Spherical Lens.

    Cylindrical Lenses

    These lenses are also known as flat lenses. They only have a curve horizontally, whereas vertically, they are flat. They are a good choice for people who do not want to spend much on goggles.

    Spherical Lenses

    These lenses have a curve horizontally and vertically both. Thus, they look like a bubble. They provide protection from direct sunlight, distortion and fogging. Although they are expensive as compared to the cylindrical lenses, they are a perfect fit for people who do sports in extreme weather conditions.

    Shape And Sizes Of The Goggles

    Goggles have a wide range in shape and sizes. Therefore, it’s always better to try them out for yourself. Choosing the ones that fit your eye area perfectly and won’t allow external elements to go inside is always beneficial. You will get three categories of frame sizes; small, medium and large. All these categories are explained below:

    Small Frame Size

    Small frames are ideas for kids or people who have relatively smaller faces. So, if adult size frames look big on you, then try out the small ones.

    Medium Frame Size

    Medium frame size is universal as most people come in this category. Also, trying out the medium size is always a good idea to figure your size out.

    Large Frame Size

    People with bigger faces will fit into this category. Also, most people prefer wearing oversized goggles to get a clearer vision from inside the lens. If you use the goggles with oversized frames, then choose the goggles that have adjustable straps.

    Bottom Line

    There are other few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for goggles; like if you are shopping online, then make sure that the company has a return policy. There are high chances that you might not get satisfied with the fitting of the goggle. Always try to go by yourself and check whether the goggle fits you perfectly or not. You can also buy snow goggles online in Australia from here. They provide goggles for all kinds of purposes.