Walkie-Stacker, Basic Types & Applications

    The process of sales logistics involves many stages. The stage of warehousing is the most initial and pivotal one. If you want your business to flourish, then you must invest your capital in the right tools. Having an organised warehouse can help kick start the process of logistics smoothly.

    A tool that can help you in material handling operations is a walkie stacker. So, in this article, you will get to know about a walkie stacker, its types and its applications. Knowing what you are looking for may help you select just the right tool. Gaining all the knowledge about such tools could be a better place to start with.

    What Is A Walkie Stacker?

    As already said before, to carry out the sales logistics process smoothly, you need some inventory management tools at your disposal to carry out the sales logistics to process smoothly. Walkie stackers are the mini version of forklift trucks. These are used when you do not need to lift large amounts of pallets.

    They are also ideal for restricted areas that are too narrow where a standard forklift just can’t function properly. Also, if your business is not expanded much or it’s a start-up, then you can start by investing in a walkie stacker to load, unload and lift heavy pallets.

    Basic Types & Applications Of Walkie Stacker

    You can find many kinds of walkie stackers in the market. Given below are some of the basic types of walkie stackers with the details of their application:

    Walkie Straddle Stacker

    This one is commonly known for loading and unloading the goods quickly. The straddle attacked to these walkie stackers makes things easier. So, if you just want something that can lift, load and unload the heavy pallets efficiently, then you can select this one. It is convenient to use and saves a lot of time.

    Walkie Reach Stacker

    These are quite similar to the straddle ones as they have also got straddle attached. However, what makes them different is the pantographic scissor mast. A walkie reach stacker is ideal for places where you need to take the mast away from the stacker. These are commonly used in loading trucks, trailers and utility vehicles. Some of the best walkie reach stackers for sale are available here.

    Ride-On Walkie Stacker

    Ride-on walkie stacker is the kind of stacker on which you can ride while performing the task of loading and unloading the goods. It has a platform which is known as a bob, where the operator can stand while riding it. However, to operate it, the driver needs to have a license.

    Counter Balance Walkie Stacker

    Counter balance walkie stacker manages the balance of the pallets that are being loaded. Thus, these are ideal for small places where heavy loading of pallets is required.

    Standard Walkie Stacker

    A standard walkie stacker is a normal kind of walkie stacker that can perform normal tasks such as loading and unloading pallets. They also have wheels under the forks, so you can transport pallets wherever you want.


    So, this is all about the walkie stacker and its basic types that you should know. And now that you have this knowledge, hopefully, you will find your perfect fit for your warehouse or storage areas.