How To Become a Makeup Artist for Films

    There is a lot of scope for a makeup artist to build their career in the film industry. You can find numerous opportunities that will only propel you further towards the path of success. So, if you are wondering how to become a makeup artist for films, here are some things you can do.

    Get Trained From Makeup Artist School

    The most important thing that you need to do before stepping into the film industry as a makeup artist is go to school. You must get trained and gain in-depth knowledge about makeup before you can attempt to show off your skills on an actor/actress’s face.

    Assist Established Makeup Artists

    You must learn from your seniors and practice your skills while assisting them first, before you start doing it all on your own. You will be able to learn many valuable things not only about makeup but the way to conduct yourself when you are a makeup artist on a film set.

    Get Hands-on Experience

    It is said that getting hands-on experience can be very beneficial for your career as a makeup artist in the film industry. You can learn many things through that, especially if you get the experience on a makeup counter in some mall. That way, you not only get to learn how to apply makeup on people with different skin types, tones, facial structures, age and more, but also how to deal with people in a professional manner.

    Promote Yourself

    The best way to promote yourself and gain popularity nowadays is through social media. Create an account only for your work as a makeup artist. Whatever work you do, upload it on social media to generate the interest of people online.

    Create a Portfolio

    You need to create a portfolio of your best work, so that you can showcase your skills and present them to your potential employers. Your portfolio can make or break your career as a makeup artist, so make sure that you pay special attention to it. Always click pictures of your best work and don’t forget to include them in your portfolio.

    Pay Attention to Networking

    Networking is another way of promoting oneself. If you create connections in the film and makeup industry, and maintain those connections sincerely, you can become quite successful in your career. Connections are everything and the more you network, the more connections you can make.

    Learn about Production and On-set Etiquettes

    Being a makeup artist for films does not only require expertise in the field of makeup, but also a good deal of knowledge about production and on-set etiquettes. You need to learn the language of the people from the production department so you can understand your cues.

    You also need to know the placement of lightning, which costumes are to be worn by the actor/actress, how to break down the script to understand the requirements for a certain makeup look, and more. These things can be extremely helpful for your career.

    Be Discreet

    One of the biggest requirements for a makeup artist in the film industry is to be discreet. You need to maintain professionalism and always take the permission of your clients when using their pictures to showcase your work. Don’t reveal what your clients have disclosed with you to anyone else. Treat your relationship with your clients as discreetly as a doctor-patient relationship and maintain the same level of confidentiality.


    These are just a few of the things you need to do in order to become a makeup artist for films. You can get a diploma of screen and media to further help you in your career.