Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Handles And Styles

    Gone are the days when people used to look for space for building their homes in a specific design. In today’s world, everything is transformed from large junky interior showpieces to compact yet stylish things. Likewise, people want minimalistic cabinet designs for their kitchens that look aesthetic and also serve the purpose of storing.

    However, you will be surprised to know that there are multifarious kitchen cabinet handles. So, if you are renovating your home and thinking of tweaking up the cabinets of the kitchen cabinets, you will find various types of cabinet handles that can make all the difference in your kitchen.

    Classic Cabinet Knobs

    Cabinet knobs are the conventional style of handles that have been around for ages. These knobs are circular and usually attached to the cabinet’s centre. Now you can also find them in different shapes like a round flower or animal. If you want a classic and cute appeal to your kitchen, these will do wonders for that.

    Bow Shaped Handles

    Another quintessential design that has also been around since the beginning is the bow handles. They are minimalistic and appealing to the eyes. If you are someone who would rather choose a simple design than a pre-eminent one, then this one will do the trick for you. 

    Bar Handles

    If you want to make the cabinet look good but not so much stand out, then you can go for the bar handles. They are rectangular and function on the grab and pull method. Another design of bar handles is T-Bar. They are similar to bar handles but are slightly tube-shaped. Both kinds of bar handles go well with modern and conventional kitchens.

    Edge Profile Handles

    Edge profile handles are located on the top of the cabinet where its opening is. They are sleek and cover the whole top layer of the cabinet. Simply put, they sit right on the edge of the cabinet. Hence the name, edge profile handles.

    This design is modern but suitable for all sorts of kitchens. These handles create the illusion of a neat look. If you are building a custom home and want everything in accordance with the trend, then this might be it for you. 

    Cup Shaped Handles

    Although the name is cup-shaped, these handles resemble more like tiny bowls attached to the cabinet upside down. The hollow opening in the handles is used to grab them and pull out the cabinet. These handles complement the kitchen design, which is mainly focused on round objects. 

    Flat Bar Pulls

    Flat bar pulls are like the advanced version of bar handles. However, these are more prolonged and sleek in appearance. Also, if the cabinet and the handle share the same colour, then you won’t be able to see the handles in one go. These flat bar pulls are ideal for people who do not like handles with chunky designs.

    Bottom Line

    These are some of the primary designs of kitchen cabinet handles. Manufacturers play around with these designs and transform them into new ones. If you are not a fan of handles, you can opt for cabinets that do not require handles to open them. However, if you want the cabinet with handles, then you can also look at some of the latest kitchens handles design here.